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We’re Josh and Madalyn Holbrooks. Nice to meet you!

We started JMH Trading out of a passion for helping people. As a paramedic and a preschool teacher from a small town in North Georgia, we’ve worked hard to provide for ourselves and our two young children.

Within seven months of learning to trade foreign currency, we were able to leave our full-time jobs and devote more time to our children and each other.  With trading, we no longer had to choose between having time or having money.

But that wasn’t enough. After a career of serving others, we felt called to help others master this life-changing skill. We’re everyday people. We knew that if we could master this, anyone could.

Mentorship makes all the difference. Let us teach you what we know and pass along our methods for success. We’ll be with you every step of the way while you grow as a trader and reach financial freedom.

What will that look like for you?

Have you struggled with these situations in your trading journey?

I don't understand how to read the charts.

I'm losing trades and don't know why.


I need help with risk management.

I'm not meeting my goals.

Don’t let these challenges discourage you from finding success. With the right mentorship, you can learn to identify good trades, protect your account with risk management, and set and achieve goals.

Join us for a free training session.

Interested in trading, but don’t know where to start? That’s what we’re here for. Claim your free session to see what mentorship with JMH trading looks like.

Membership Benefits

Video Training

Join us for group video training three times a week. We’ll trade live together and answer all of your questions.

One-on-One Training

Need more personalized attention? We offer one-on-one sessions to ensure you approach trading with confidence.

Guides and Resources

Access our library of resources to improve your trading and help you define your trading goals and strategy.

Community and Support

Join our community of traders and share tips, advice, and questions.


How long does it take to start profiting?

Each person will vary but the average is between 2-4 months.

Why should I pay to learn this skill instead of learning from YouTube for free?

YouTube is a great way to learn a lot of different things but there is no vetting process to posting content on YouTube. Our program offers vetted educators and information. This is a skill we feel you need a mentor to guide you and that is exactly what we are here for.

Do I need to be tech savvy to be successful?

Absolutely not, this is for beginners and very user friendly. 

I’ve heard you must start with 25k to day trade, does this apply to this?

No, that is for leveraged stock trading. We are trading foreign currencies, crypto, metals, futures, and indexes. You can start with as little as 50 dollars. 

Can I participate in the program if I am outside the United States?

 Yes, this is available in most countries around the world.

How much time should I devote to learning per day?

1-2 hours per day allows you to learn consistently while also working your full-time job and spending time the way you want.

Do you always end the day in profit?

No, but with proper risk management it’s always a minimal loss in comparison to your account size. 


“I was really intimidated by Forex trading when I first started. Both MetaTrader and Trading View were overwhelming, and I was never sure if I was taking smart trades. After my first time working with Josh and Madalyn, I felt so much more confident. They do a great job of explaining strategies and walking you through taking trades. I love that they also focus on having the correct mindsight and managing risk. Both Josh and Madalyn are easy to talk to and I feel comfortable asking them any questions I have. I recommend them to anyone interested in learning to trade Forex! “

Katie V.

“I had little faith in my ability to really understand trading or how to do it successfully before I met the Holbrooks’. I didn’t know where to begin, but Josh and Madalyn were patient and had a way of simplifying the process with easy steps that anyone could follow. After just a few days of coaching from them, I was comfortably entering and even winning trades. They’re generous teachers with a passion for helping others, and I know they’re always available when I need help. I couldn’t be more grateful for their continued mentorship. Thank you, Josh and Madalyn!”

Aleah W.

“I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for my mentors Madalyn and Josh. I started my journey in February, studied for about 3 weeks, did my demo for an additional 3 weeks (which I am still using) before I created my live account. When I sent an email to join IM academy, Madalyn quickly responded and continues to respond quickly anytime and every time I reach out to her. Madalyn takes the time to hear my good and bad days and gives encouragement to continue. Madalyn and Josh have several meetings weekly to help us and they give us tools to make things easier. If I need more help, they take the time to zoom with me. I am still learning every day, ups and downs, but I know a click away is someone who is on this journey with me and they really want ALL of us to succeed. Josh and Madalyn are great supporters and mentors and I truly feel I can make this work because I have them to help me. I am very grateful.”

Judy C.

How to join JMH Trading.

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